1. Dear Sherlock Fandom,



    This is something I’ve been discussing with my friends this evening, and a matter I urge you to consider. 

    We’re getting a new season in about a month and something; we are all excited, and eager to see what Moffat and Gatiss have prepared for us, after all the teasing spoiler photos and a year and a half living on crack, fanfiction, fanart, graphics, and frankly perfect fandom-related music.

    There have been wanks, of course, like in practically other existing fandom in the universe, but we mostly pulled through and are relatively happy. Do you know what the majority of these fights were about? Elitism.

    As we are the oldest fandom that is currently ongoing after the publishing of the original material, more than a century ago, there’s bound to be petty fights about fans who have read the novels or watched other adaptations being ‘better’, and even if they have and don’t enjoyment, they are on the recieving end of many insults and critics that usually ruin their experiences on this collective fanbase.

    There’s also ship wars, and not only about the ever polemic Holmes/Adler but people who didn’t ship Holmes/Watson and have gotten anonymous and user hate on their Ask Box for months, or debates about real life shipping that have gone out of hand and resulted in loss of fans from all over the world.

    Guys, this is going to happen. There are going to be new fans after Season 2 airs, that may or may not have been here during Season 1 and the Holy Hiatus of Death, that haven’t seen Granada, the films, or read the novels. There is going to be more cracky jokes, more ships, more fiction, more everything. It is understandable if those don’t float your boat, but I ask you as a fellow fan here:

    Don’t give the newbies a hard time when they get here; fandom is a beautiful thing that deserves respect and a sense of family between members. Treat them well, wherever they come from and whatever level of experience in the Sherlock Holmes universe they have. Explain the jokes to them, like an elder might do with their children. Introduce them to the beauty of the books and adaptations, the joys of well-written fanfiction and art. Make sure they’re happy and find a home in us, because we’re all in this together and everyone deserves a place in the Sherlock Holmes fandom.